49 Taylor Street Dumbleyung WA

(08) 9863 2500

Commitment to Achieve


We have a very active P&C which support and initiate fundraising activities and contribute regularly to the school through the purchase of sporting equipment, teacher and student resources, play equipment, ICT equipment and financially supporting students attending camps and excursions.

Our P&C’s objective is to raise and provide funds for resources, infrastructure and school community projects that directly support our children and their learning environment. They are the direct link to making all the ‘extras’ like class reading sets, playground equipment, teaching resources and much more available to our school and our kids.

Our P&C relies on the generosity of all of our parents at Dumbleyung supporting our fundraising effort throughout the year. The Committee warmly welcomes attendance at all P&C meetings by all parents and no previous experience with committees is required.

The Dumbleyung Primary School P&C meet on a regular basis. For further information please contact the school on 9863 2500 or contact one of the executives directly.

Dumbleyung Primary School Parents and Citizens’ Association Inc.


Position:                      P&C President

Office Bearer:              Emily Edwards

Contact Number:          0488 683 541


Position:                      P&C Secretary

Office Bearer:              Sophie Justins

Contact Number:          0408 916 329


Position:                      P&C Vice President

Office Bearer:              Ylana Shepherd

Contact Number:          0472 648 189


Position:                      P&C Treasurer

Office Bearer:              Roisin Ball

Contact Number:          0488 637 243